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Recently, XGIMI launched a new high-end projection for home use – XGIMI RS Pro 2. It comes in two versions, a deep hole version and a limited edition of Morning Gold. This new home projection with 2200 ANSI lumens and 4 K UHD resolution brings users a cinema-quality visual experience at home, equipped with Harman Kardon’s patented audio, which supports DTS sound, bringing a large screen while having immersive sound. Easy to create a home theater.

The XGIMI RS Pro 2 is made of a full range of materials, with an all-metal body that gives the machine a high-grade feel, and a brushed aluminum alloy to show off the high-end texture.

The front of the body is made of Danish wool acoustic fabric, which is not only beautiful and elegant after the four-color warp and weft yarn weaving process, but also has the advantages of stain resistance and flame retardant, taking into account both beauty and practicality.

This time the XGIMI RS Pro 2 electric protection sliding door is amazing, the power to open the sliding door automatically lowered. Not only does it protect the lens, but it also makes the whole product look full of force and ritualistic every time you turn it on.

The rear interface from left to right is the power input, network interface, two HDMI, two USB and optical and audio output interface. The interface configuration is complete and rich, basically meeting the external needs of game consoles, players, mobile hard drives and other devices.

In actual experience, there are many pain points, such as the lack of brightness, the need to adapt to ambient light, the need to equip with high resolution in large size, etc. As long as one of these does not meet, it will not give us a good viewing experience. The upgraded XGIMI RS Pro 2 brightness reaches 2200 ANSI lumens and supports 4 K UHD resolution. It can give a clear display of the projected image even in the environment with lights.

When projecting, we often encounter the problem that the image is either too bright or too dark in different environments. For example, at night, when watching a bright projection, you will feel very blinding. Every time you have to adjust the brightness of the projector, it seems very troublesome. To solve this problem XGIMI RS Pro 2 has added the “Ambient Light Adaptive” function.

In the test, we turned on the “Ambient Light Adaptive” function through the settings menu, and then first turned off the lights of the environment under review, and from the photos, we could see that the projected image changed and the brightness dimmed on its own, thus avoiding the problem of high brightness in a dim environment.

The XGIMI RS Pro 2’s “Ambient Light Adaptive” function adjusts the most appropriate projection brightness and color temperature by automatically sensing changes in ambient light, providing the best viewing brightness while eliminating the need for us to manually adjust the brightness, which is quite well thought out in terms of functional design.

Most of the projectors are side projection, side projection will appear trapezoidal screen, for most users always say that manual adjustment is time-consuming and laborious, sometimes how to adjust the picture still does not feel square. However, since the introduction of the fully automatic keystone correction function on XGIMI H3, the trapezoidal screen pain points have been effectively solved.

After XGIMI RS Pro 2 turned on the fully automatic keystone correction function, I deliberately moved the position of the projector to make it project a keystone picture. The system recognized the trapezoid in the screen after a while, and then started to correct the screen, and the trapezoid screen became square again after a while.

In addition, XGIMI RS Pro 2 is equipped with intelligent screen avoidance and curtain auto-alignment functions, which automatically avoid the switch on the projection wall through intelligent algorithms and automatically align the curtain to completely say goodbye to the tedious manual debugging of the projector and reduce the preparation required for the projection.

Sometimes due to projection setup problems, we need the room or living room to pass in front of the projector. This is when the projector shoots out strong light out of the open state, which can cause damage to the eyes when directly irradiated.

The XGIMI RS Pro 2 includes an anti-eye protection feature, in which the system automatically reduces the brightness when it detects someone approaching the projection, thus avoiding direct light to the eyes.

I walked past the projector in front of it when it was turned on, and the system detected someone passing in front of it and reduced the projection brightness to a very low level. At the same time, the system also appeared and informed. It only took a few seconds for the brightness to be reduced after the person passed by, and the system gave a fairly quick response.

The XGIMI RS Pro 2 uses a new multi-speed startup engine to achieve fast boot-up and automatic keystone correction. And there is no boot-up advertisement during the whole boot-up process, so you can enjoy the big screen when you boot up.

INUI system has also been optimized and upgraded again, and the smoothness has been greatly improved. I found that the whole process of using the frame rate of 60 fps, compared to the previous system has a silky smooth, although it is a small detail, but the experience brought about by the improvement is obvious.

The most important thing about smart projection is the configuration of film and television resources, a rich source of film at any time to enjoy a variety of blockbuster movies. XGIMI RS Pro 2 has a built-in 4K area, not only the popular blockbusters just online, some classic old movies also launched 4K restoration version, and from the official information learned that XGIMI is preparing 4K original code film area, the follow-up through the system upgrade, users can be in the XGIMI RS Pro 2 will be able to see the real original code 4K movies on XGIMI RS Pro 2, which will bring out the biggest advantage of XGIMI RS Pro 2 and revisit the classics in the ultimate picture.

Due to the limitations of shooting and online bandwidth, many online TV series and movies are played at 30 or 24 fps, so they tend to drag in high-speed motion scenes, especially after the projection further magnifies the picture.

XGIMI RS Pro 2 uses MEMC motion compensation technology, which automatically generates intermediate frames through a predictive algorithm for the screen, transforming low frame rate images into high frame rate video, up to 120Hz, solving the jitter and trailing phenomenon at high speed, while making the picture smoother.

The other demand for the projector is for projecting games, in addition to watching movies. The experience of playing on a larger screen is significantly better than that of a TV or monitor, and for some high-end gamers who are looking for a picture, a projector is the ideal picture output device. In XGIMI RS Pro 2 has a game mode, when the gaming device transmits the signal to XGIMIRS Pro 2 through HDMI it will automatically enter into the projection mode and optimize the input signal to reduce the latency.

XGIMI RS Pro 2 uses a set of harman/kardon patented audio, and is equipped with DTS sound and harman/kardon AI sound, DTS sound can make the sound more three-dimensional, stronger sense of space, stronger immersion when watching movies, bringing a more shocking sound experience. harman/kardon AI sound It can match different sound effects according to different movies, giving full play to the sound quality performance of harman/kardon’s patented audio.

XGIMI RS Pro 2 is excellent in performance and functionality, not only has a convenient and useful intelligent system, but also has excellent picture quality and sound effects, for players who like large screens XGIMIRS Pro 2 can be said to be the right thing to do.

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