TCL breeva A2 Air Purifier

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The Shenzhen-based manufacturer TCL is primarily known for consumer electronics (TVs) and telecommunications electronics (smartphones). With the Breeva A1, however, TCL has already designed an air purifier for about 15 m², which enjoys great popularity due to its low price. The A2 and A3 models, which can now be financed via crowdfunding, are intended for larger rooms and also cost a bit more. Here you can find all information about the two air purifiers.

Okay, thanks, that sounds good! We have already had contact with the predecessor of both air purifiers, which won a RedDot Award for design: The Breeva A1. At this point, we would like to expressly praise the fact that a Chinese manufacturer is proceeding chronologically with its product designations. We are used to much more confusion. So now the A2 and A3, the latter is at least a few Euros more expensive in crowdfunding.

At this point, as with all air purifier articles, it is difficult to say how well an air purifier works, even in direct operation. So take all specs and assessments here as guidelines and orientation, not as one hundred percent certain.

Working with UV-C, the A3 is intended for air purification of premises up to 23 m², the A2 again only for 17 m². UV-C is a method for killing bacteria and viruses in the air. In addition, there is an ionizer, which – to put it simply – contributes to odor elimination and disinfection. Whereas the CADR value for the A1 was 120 m³/h, the CADR value for the A3 is now 270 m³/h. The CADR value indicates how much room air is cleaned of three different types of particles each with a size between 0.09µm and 11.0µm within one minute.

In addition, a laser sensor is installed that can detect harmful particles. A digital VOC sensor (Volatile Organic Compounds) measures the concentration of pollutants in the air. This includes cigarette smoke and gases, for example. A total of three filters are active in the in both air purifiers, including a carbon filter and a highly effective H13 HEPA filter. But what would an air purifier in 2021 be without an app? Both air purifiers can be integrated into the TCL Home app (for Android and iOS) via WLAN and thus track analyses of the air quality in the four walls.

How the TCL cleaners assess the air quality can also be tracked in color via three LEDs on the top. In addition, the app integration allows the owner to start and stop the A2 and A3 while on the go. In addition, the respective cleaning level can be determined. According to TCL, the operating volume of the A2 on the “Quiet” level is only 26 dB, which means that you can actually sleep in the same room largely undisturbed. Of course, every person is differently sensitive here. If you want, you can also control the air purifier via Alexa or Google Assistant. However, it will not be possible to do more than turn the device on and off. We invite you to read the detailed TCL breeva A2 Air Purifier Review.

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