MeLE Fanless 4K Mini PC

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MeLE Fanless2 is a surprisingly compact mini PC with complete connectivity, some expandability and exemplary looks.MeLE Fanless2 measures 13.1*8.1*1.83 cm.
It is quite well equipped inside and powerful enough to take care of most daily tasks.

The Celeron J4125 is a Twin Lake refresh chip developed with 4 cores running from 2 to 2.7GHz with 4MB cache and a TDP of 10 watts. a chip offering UHD 600 graphics circuitry with advanced capabilities of 12 EUs, support for UltraHD displays and hardware decompression of the most demanding video formats. Here it is combined with 8GB of soldered LPDDR4 memory and 128 or 256GB of base eMMC storage, also integrated on the motherboard.

This already solid foundation benefits from upgrade options, as the board offers an M2 2280 slot that manages SATA and PCIe NVMe. Thus, one can add very fast additional storage – and not too hot in operation – SSDs to the MeLE Quieter2 for excellent performance. What is very clear is that the proposed trio of Celeron J4125, memory and storage can handle all the classic office tasks required of today’s PCs. This machine will be able to play your Ultra HD videos without compromise, be able to do small image editing, surf the web without hassle, and even drive several Ultra HD monitors. This device, as compact as it is, is capable of replacing aging tower computers for traditional computing purposes. With more comfort for the old ones, with much lower energy costs and not equal comfort. Fixed to the back of the screen or placed on a table, the machine will be able to provide excellent service to a person looking only for classic surfing, web and multimedia stations.

The MeLE Fanless2 also offers a Kensington Lock anti-theft system to secure it to furniture when used in public. This device can often be used in waiting rooms or on screens for digital displays. the BIOS also allows Wake On Lan to turn on the PC remotely via Ethernet, but also allows rebooting after a power failure and provides a programmable alarm clock.

Even better, the MiniPC offers an auto-reset feature that finds a new operating system on each reboot… This is often useful in public places. The machine will be able to automatically turn on in the morning, keep a user session going all day, turn off at night, and find a clean system the next day with no changes. Perfect for public use.

The MeLE Fanless2 seems to be an excellent machine for many purposes. From a simple and inexpensive office PC for basic uses ranging from networking to word processing, or to be an automated workstation via digital display, or even driving tools like 3D printers. The perfect MiniPC can be added to a video projector integrated into the ceiling, or hidden behind a TV. It’s also a great troubleshooting solution that can be carried around to replace a set of equipment.

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