Longer LK5 Pro 3D printer

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The Longer LK5 Pro brings a printer with a print volume of (300 x 300 x 400 mm) extra large.
The Longer LK5 Pro brings some improvements over its predecessor, the LK4 Pro, which had a slightly less than stellar product experience. Let’s take a look at what else has been optimized in addition to the size improvement.

(1) Textured glass bed
With the LK5 Pro, you will print directly on a sheet of textured cellophane coated with a texture. This texture is better for gripping the print when printing and makes the bed flatter. This coated glass bed is now common and usually performs well in terms of bed adhesion with PLA, TPU, PETG, etc.

(2) Structure and design
If you go higher with these i3 shaped printers like the LK5 Pro, it will bring some wobble and instability to the print. They need to be rock-solid and square. Lange tried to solve this problem with a bar that acts as a bracket between the front of the printer base and the top of the Z-axis gantry.

Like the LK4 Pro before it, the LK5 Pro uses a closed-face aluminum extrusion where it does not run as a wheel for each axis. This makes the machine easy to clean.

(3) Fan compartment
The LK5 Pro appears to use the same disappointing 3D printed fan ducts as on the LK4 Pro. This stock duct is quite low relative to the nozzle and provides sub-optimal print cooling, compromising print quality.

(4) Large touch screen user interface
The touchscreen interface is a large, portrait-oriented rectangle that can be poked and prodded to command the machine, and it is quickly becoming our preferred way to interact with the printer. When done properly, it allows you to configure the machine and set up prints quickly and confidently.

(5) TMC2208 Stepper Motor Driver
The LK5 Pro is equipped with the Trinamic TMC2208 stepper motor driver for microstepping (shorter, smoother movements) and quieter motor operation.

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