Haylou MoriPods TWS Earphone

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Haylou MoriPods defines a fresh and healing tone, finding a quiet retreat among all kinds of black technology shapes.
It uses a semi-in-ear design that fits the curve of the ear, a single headset weighs only 3.9g, lighter than a piece of A4 paper airy wear, without adding a burden to the ear. Headset body while using frosted and polished two materials, with pure Mori white, flower Mori pink, Sen Sen blue, Sen night black four elegant color palette, none of the current fashion aesthetic point. Charging case continues the headset light tide slim design style, a full charge can be used for about 6 hours, with the charging case lasts up to about 24 hours, pleasing rhythms around the clock without stopping, so that the music habitually hidden in the body.

Consumerism is all the rage, but there are always offbeat people in the tide of graceful retrograde. As a hundred-dollar-class headphones, MoriPods Mori Bluetooth headphones will be unpretentious to the extreme. Equipped with a new generation of Qualcomm 3040 flagship chip, support for Bluetooth 5.2, dual-way transmission brings a stable connection, left and right ears seamlessly switch, without interference with each other. It is worth mentioning that it also supports aptX adaptive flagship dynamic adaptive decoding technology, which automatically identifies the use of scenarios and provides stable ultra-low latency effects, and also supports aptX HD to restore CD-level lossless sound quality, which can be listened to by both iOS and Android systems. Dual flagship configuration is undoubtedly.

The large 12mm sound generating unit focuses on enhancing the stereo sound field, making the low and mid frequencies fuller in your ears and truly seamlessly adapting to the purest forest-based sound. At the same time, MoriPods adopts 2*2 microphone array for precise sound pickup, and with CVC8.0 call algorithm, it can deeply cut down the environmental noise. In a noisy environment, every emotion is still clearly conveyed, giving you a warm experience of hearing the sound like a face.

The Haylou MoriPods break the stereotypical image of the category with its extraordinary light trendy attitude, fresh and natural appearance, airy wearing experience, Qualcomm 3040 + Bluetooth 5.2 + aptX Adaptive dual flagship configuration, complemented by 12mm large size dynamic ring, is worthy of its own flagship TWS. 24 hours long battery life, CVC dual microphone The phone has a long battery life of 24 hours, CVC dual microphone, call noise cancellation, intelligent touch operation, IPX4 waterproof and other powerful features.

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