BlitzWolf BW-HC1 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

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Not the first upright vacuum cleaner released by BlitzWolf, older readers will surely remember the BlitzWolf BW-AR182, an affordable model with modest performance that made its debut somewhere around the beginning of 2019. At the time the competition was weak, there weren’t as many models, and more importantly, they weren’t as affordable as vacuum cleaners from big manufacturers like Dreame, Jimmy or Roidmi are now.

The design is different from what we were used to and the black and white combination is interesting. I don’t recall seeing these 2 colors on other upright vacuums. They are usually either white or use colors inspired by Dyson models. I wouldn’t say they look bad, but I personally seem to like the design of the Dreame V9 better, for example.

However, compared to the first generation, the BlitzWolf BW-HC1 is up to today’s standards as an upright vacuum cleaner with high suction power and premium features. There’s a table on the overview page comparing it to the Dreame V9 and the Jimmy JV63, and it seems to win out on specs. It remains to be seen if it does better in reality.

It has a suction power of 25000 Pa and LCD display for accurate battery capacity information. It has 3 operating modes (Autodetect, ECO and Max) and the maximum noise produced is 68dB. The floor brush integrates 4 LEDs to help you better see every trace of dust or dirt, even when vacuuming in dark places like under the bed.

The battery is 2500 mAh, non-removable, and can provide up to 60 minutes of battery life when used in ECO mode. In Max mode the battery life drops to 14 minutes. A full charge takes 4-5 hours. Unfortunately, it doesn’t excel in the accessories department, coming with the main floor brush and a few other accessories for tight spaces.

Personally I think it’s pretty hard to compete with Dreame, Jimmy and the rest of the Xiaomi ecosystem, especially when you don’t bring a lot of extra features and the price is close to the aforementioned models. I’m not disputing its performance, but in this price segment we also find models from established manufacturers with similar specs. Maybe only when the price reaches (if it reaches) somewhere around $130 will it become an option to consider. What do you think?


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