Alfawise C50 Mini Laser Engraver

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$129.99 Buy It Now

The compact size of this laser engraver allows it to be placed conveniently on a tabletop. The stand can be disassembled to use as goggles, saving space for transportation.

It is equipped with a 1600mw German OSRAM original laser chip, combined with efficient heat dissipation and precision glass lens, which requires manual focusing and can be set to focus.
The laser head power output is stable, working continuously for more than 10,000 hours, and the engraving depth reaches 2mm.
Precise XY module makes the engraving pattern better and not easy to fade. The laser head is replaceable.

You can use it to engrave images with 508dpi resolution, the images are fine and clear enough. 508dpi images can be engraved at 1:1 size, other resolution images will be automatically converted to 508dpi, but the image size will change.

The effective engraving range of the laser is 30mm-80mm from the laser. taller objects can be padded with 4 flat objects of the same height under 4 foot pads.

The screw and motor are configured with high precision and reliability, which can keep the stability of the machine during the engraving process and make the engraving effect better.

You can use this carving machine to carve a variety of materials, allowing you to DIY freely.
Engraving: wood, ceramic, cardboard, cardboard, bamboo, leather, peel, kernel, rubber, plastic, metal surface coating, etc.
Cutting: veneer, cardboard, paper card, non-woven, EVA, etc.

Mobile APP (mini laser engraver) is feature-rich and continuously updated. With multi-layer editing, text editing, eraser, free gesture scaling, precise setting of size and coordinates, etc. The APP contains firmware upgrade function, users can use the APP to upgrade the product and update the material library during the function iteration. With the storage function, images can be saved to the cell phone album.

The engraver adds a gyroscope, which can actively stop engraving when there is abnormal movement such as shaking, falling, collision and tilting. After restoring the position, you can click the APP to continue carving. Make it worry-free to use at home.

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