1MORE ComfoBuds Pro TWS Earphone

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No matter when and where you want to listen to music, watch movies or talk on the phone, you will always use headphones and want to wear them for a long time with ease and enjoy high sound quality and clear conversation performance in any environment.

ComfoBuds Pro is the first headphone with 1MORE QuietMaxTM noise cancellation technology, which not only focuses on the noise cancellation performance, but also takes into account the unit design, tone tuning and call noise cancellation, hoping to provide excellent noise cancellation effect in different scenarios and applications.

ComfoBuds Pro also uses the powerful noise cancellation function of QuietMaxTM to realize different applications. Under the “pass-through mode”, users can listen to music while easily hearing the outside world, and the different headphones can communicate with people face-to-face naturally. Another function, “Anti-Wind Noise Mode”, allows users to isolate the wind noise in windy environment such as seaside and countryside, and it can also work in outdoor running and cycling.

Combined with more accurate algorithms, the Comfobuds Pro can clearly pick up human voices in complex and noisy environments, and users can even lower the volume of their speech and still hear each other clearly.

With the professional name of “Pro”, Comfobuds Pro has a number of advanced functions, including intelligent in-ear detection and automatic control of music playback with infrared sensor, which is very convenient. The dual-channel transmission technology allows you to take out one side of the headset to talk and take out both sides to enjoy the stereo sound. The headset also simplifies the operation without any buttons, so you have to touch the headset panel to answer phone calls and play/stop music, and in order to avoid accidental touching, you need to touch the headset twice in a row to operate it.

ComfoBuds Pro uses a 13.4mm super dynamic unit, which is rarely used in true wireless headphones, and changes the three-layer composite diaphragm of TPU, aluminum-magnesium alloy and titanium metal. The TPU low end is soft and full, the aluminum and magnesium alloy brings out the smoothness of the vocals, and the titanium metal high end is delicate and loud.

ConfoBuds Pro comes with a compact and powerful charging case, which allows this pair of versatile headphones to last up to 20 hours with the noise cancellation function, and up to 28 hours with the noise cancellation function turned off, and a special quick charge function, which provides 2 hours of power for the headphones after 15 minutes of charging, so you can get back to the music world after a short rest.

ComfoBuds Pro is not only powerful, but also focuses on the wearing experience. The oval-shaped tube allows the headphones to penetrate deep into the ear canal, ensuring sound insulation and wearing stability, and the headphones only weigh 5.2g per side, which is very lightweight and gives you a zero-load, sensory-free wearing experience.

ComfoBuds Pro still maintains 1MORE headphones’ pursuit of appearance, and the product has won the 2021 CES Innovation Design Award. The sleek lines are suitable for both men and women, and the casing has passed the IPX4 life waterproof specification, so you can use them for everyday use and even for light exercise.

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